Complete Coastal Coverage


ShoreOne covers all your needs with a single policy, so you don't need to juggle separate policies and deductibles for homeowners and flood insurance.

Complete Coastal Coverage

Flood, wind, home... we cover it all, no elevation certificate required.

One-And-Done Process

Deal with one agent, one policy, one deductible, and one claim adjuster.

Smart Protection

We'll help you keep your home safe.


With ShoreOne, you won't need an elevation certificate. Our proprietary technology knows the risks your house faces, so your agent can get an accurate quote in minutes.

3-step plan for complete coastal insurance coverage


Find an Agent & tell them you want a quote from ShoreOne.


Get a quote in minutes.


Enjoy coastal living!

Coastal properties have been tough to insure... separate flood insurance, costly elevation certificates, multiple policies, poor coverage, and claim hassles.


Most flood insurance policies only cover $250,000 of building coverage. ShoreOne covers the full cost to replace your home.


If a storm damages your home, ShoreOne can cover your temporary housing until it is restored.

ShoreOne makes it easy, providing complete coverage for coastal properties in a single policy.

The Old Way

Buy a coastal property.
Find a home insurance agent.
Get a homeowner policy that does not cover flood.
Pay $400-$800 for an elevation certificate.
Wait for a separate flood policy from the government.
Pay separate premiums and get two deductibles from different companies.
File multiple claims if disaster strikes.
Try to get straight answers from multiple adjusters.
Find out your insurance covers less than you thought and pays out a lot less than you need.
End up paying bills insurance should have paid.

The ShoreOne Way

Buy a coastal property.
Tell your agent you want ShoreOne.
Get a homeowner policy that covers everything, including flood.
File one claim if disaster strikes.
Recover your losses, including temporary housing expenses.
Enjoy your fully restored property.

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